emotionsPause is an unconventional learning space for children in Chandigarh, Punjab, North India. “Social Skills are the missing ling between school education and the world outside” 

The institution is founded by very unique people, who are actually a family. Brother, sister, aunt. As a graphic designer student the experience was wonderful, and it was an awsome team to work with.

Unfortunately I had to do visually what they requested. The clients had a very confident point of view what they wanted. I tried many times to let my taste come in front, or just looked for other options. Most times their will came true through with the help of my technical skills.

logoSo finding a healthy balance is a difficult in graphic design. Mostly I wanted to satisfy the client.  The client said “I am happy with this logo, that is more than satisfied in my language”

I am not happy with the logo. Knowing that a logo should be as simple and clear as possible. Also knowing the designer point of view about effects on fonts. Anyway this is what they could adjust so I had to make a compromise with myself. 

In the profession of graphic design this is one of the major issues. The relation between the client and the designer. For me still a lot to learn and explore.

Later had to design some other things. I enjoyed creating a lot but had to drop many ideas and make compromise again.

Below comes the results.

bc2 copybc1 copybusiness card





envelopeenvelope and letterhead





An emotion chart made from photos of the children attending pause.

how are you feeling?


Also made a chart of monkey feelings. I draw all monkeys with the help of a digital pen and tablet. The client partly liked it.monkey feelings Well, that is for sure Font must be changed at the first line. How are these monkeys feeling? Man should never use any effect on fonts, to make them look bigger, because they will loose their quality. All (most) typographers design fonts not to be changed by the little arrows.

Made  for Pause:

  • some PowerPoint templates and documents
  •  Facebook profile
  •  photo documentation
  • newspaper advertisement 
  •  Word documents about the workers and programmes
  • brochure

As a consequence I am very glad and happy that I worked with pause. The working hours were flexible. The education of social skills there are unique and very interesting. Finally I have more ideas about the profession and have a bit more of practice.