visart2009 007

This is an ancient form of puppet art, today existing as shadow play theater in Java. The screen can be seen from both sides, and there is one puppet-master performing. Plus musicians and a choir. There is at least 300 different puppets, most characters are originated from religious scripts.

I choose Wayang Kulit as the theme of my half year project, because I found it visually very exciting. The puppets are made of dry,thick leather. Carved and painted. Only the arms are moving.  There are four basic colours they use to express the characteristics.

  • white: pure, innocent
  • gold: mature, high mind
  • black: force,aware
  • red: aggression, anger,rage

The wayang kulit performance lasts for 9-12 hours, starting early the evening. Javanese say the shows are rich in moral, have a purpose of teaching and it is meant to clean the audience from evil.

My piece is a brochure, a very much simplified version introducing some main characters like Arjuna. halfyearproject2felevesprojekt

This is the back and the front cover.

The hands of Arjuna on the left are moving, this is how you can close and open the brochure.


Above you can see the pictures from inside, and there is a 4th page. Originally I wanted to put some text and description about this inconvenient form of puppetry. The exam was so close and the half semester was so short I could only make this:0.5yearproject4

visart2009 007