Not easy to draw exactly what I see with my eyes. The aim of our class about technical drawing was to reach out for higher skills. The washing machine below is result from one of the relaxing exercises, when we tried to mix all we learned with some creativity.konstruckiosrajz

This one was made with some metal paint, without a brush and some newspaper. Try to keep it simple always.

 Working hours 4 a week of strict techniques and very slow improvement. kostrajz4


This is one of the border crossing improvements I could draw. I have no idea why I enjoyed drawing, but had fun.


konstrajz9Finally the second semester started, and there was a change in my attitude. I did not feel the drawing classes a must any longer. I felt passionate and interested. The teacher  


Ledars and chairs, the never-ending variations of symmetry and structure.

konstrajz8The vacum cleaner. The structure I could not draw for weeks and weeks, but with the help of some ink it was possible to make it more attractive.


The french delegation of teachers found the drawing above funny.  It is only funny if one knows the background information. As a group of students we were working very hard to learn to draw the way our teacher expected.

 There was once an option to be a bit mischievous.