Humans are the most complex creatures on Earth. This is what most people think. I must admit I am very much fund of humanity and human body. There are several ways to get to know our physical appearance better. One of the most obvious is to draw down.

The following picture is a study about standing. What is exactly happening when one stands. Where is the weight and the axis. These questions had been answered while drawing.

It was always a huge topic what is inside our body. How are we actually functioning. Where is the soul. When I am drawing a skull, I had to think about death. Skull is also the symbol of Avignon Dance, where The Death is leading the queue and all sort of people are following. No class, age, colour matters.anatomy2

This study is made just to show and learn what is inside.

When I draw my aim is not to get lost in details. Working on the whole picture.

Human body is amazing.

I prefer life and living things to draw.

The way to become a graphic expert is containing many exercises. In most case what I like to do is not the most important.

Later on the whole skeleton had to be drawn. It was a challenging thing to do on sunny afternoons. Made me very frustrated, dealing with the fact of dying by every line I drew. Hopefully I have asked some of my classmates about their thoughts while drawing, and they were not fighting a war between life and death like I did. So I told myself not to be so serious and things worked out fine.anatomy5 On this picture the drawing is lying in my bed.  This is inside me and hopefully inside you too dear reader.