graftervCreativity and quality. Add together and create your visions. They say it is enough to work 2 hours but you shall think about it all day.  Result of your work is not measurable. Maybe you get some salary or some good words. Most times my works are resting as sketch inside a messy shelf.


On the right you can see 6 drawings of oranges. I had to use various techniques of graphic design like

  1. lines
  2. structural
  3. shades with colour
  4. realistic coloured 
  5. natural
  6. shades

I had to make one with the style of a chosen artist. I chose Banksy, because he is a great artist and contemporary, so I found easier to copy his style than Caravaggio’s.design7


On the original the guy is throwing a bouquet of coloured flowers.

So I just replaced the bouquet with the orange.


I red a book about Banksy.

I think I am very much fund of his works.

Later on had to go deeper in the field of graphic design and had a lot of challenges. I learned a bit of illustration.  The following work was inspired by Sándor Altorjai, a Hungarian painter. He was a true colour with his life. He said  ” I have lived in an asylum. Two different ones. In one as a fool and in another as clean and design5sober”


The illustration contains a balance of two chairs.

There are many interpretations of his words.

I found it a very interesting experience.



Later on we got introduced to surrealism. I had to create something, that is almost like reality but there is one thing differential. I choose humans and teeth as my topic. I thought a thooth is inside and outside as well, but if you change it a bit inside can come outside. My classmates were scared of this piece of work of mine. I think it is not scary.design2

I made it with aquarelle pencil.

It was a try.





And now finally some happier task are coming to be introduces.

Pictogram are commonly used in the field of everyday life just like in the professional scene.  The following picture was made from colour paper with some

My aim was to create some cute and funny colourful pieces.

The topic was still the orange and how to make some juice.

Sort of juggling can be seen on the right.


Finally I just want to share a self portrait made of paper. No comment. It is your task to write comments.


Have a nice day, thank you for your attention.