Wow, I wish I could answer my question. Drawing space is more difficult than it seems at first.  There are a few rules one must follow.spacedrawing4

On the left you can see one of my first drawings I made from inner space. This is the basement of the Hungarian National Museum.

  • Some rules : use pencils (2b,3b,4b)
  • Work with the help of the horizon line. Make precise measurement.

As a beginning this drawing is fine. For me it was difficult to get the rhythm.

Later we visited the Museum Of Natural History.spacedrawing3 It was crowded with children. You can see it on the right.

We only had 2 hours to finish one study, so had to hurry.


The building on the left is The Design University and Museum.

Very lovely building, so richly decorated that I had to learn a new, different technique to show curves.

Mainly only showing the shades, no line had been drown.

As ending here is a piece of outer space. It was made in Erzsébet Square, garden of the Gödör Cultural Center.spacedrawing