Once somebody told me in Berlin, to learn the technique is easy. To have style is an essential and cannot be taught.


This one is called the letter smoke. Maybe the concept could not fulfill itself completely. I liked the idea, smoke is passing by like thoughts.

Later on I designed 3 posters. All was made to show things to be changed in Budapest. At fist I choose a vine cellar advertising on Fadrusz street. mat veglet

Finally I used plenty of effects, I was not satisfied with the colour of the original photo. I was so gray and very much light.

The following two pictures were inspired by my brother-in-law. He has a good taste and good eyes, not so adjusting like me. So I asked him about what is he disliking in his every day life. He said the electric box on the pedestrians.thereisnotmuchtobedone27

So I decorated it with ornaments from Jaipur, City Palace. Visual communication is not only about commerce.