To study the body is a form of art. It is a very complex thing, and it is an essential to learn basics of drawing nude. My proposition is never give up trying. Always look keep your eyes on the model, don’t get lost in your drawing. akt3

It is more easy to make your studies in big (100X70cm) though this one on the right is an A3 size.

Try to take control of your style. Be pure and punctual. It is a living person you are trying to copy, so make it live.


The placing and the concept has to be decided when start, and after follow your plan.


If there is a part of the body (hand, legs, feet) causing difficulties to draw, make separate studies. Practice.

This is a typical study, one hand is bigger than in real life, the other one is too small.

Only with time and practice it is possible to learn the right technique.

Trust your eyes and use them.

akt8It is a common difficulty to draw hair.

So you can always make it simple with a hut.

Though the legs here too long…

But the hands are living. It should be an aim to work on the whole picture, do not to lose all details, and try to look for interesting parts.

There are no lines, only shades.akt5

Corquies and sketches are very good to experience the size.

It is more easy to draw fat and wrincles than muscles and skiny bodies.

Can’t explain why.

These 2 Croquies were made in 20 minutes, but most Croquies are done in 10 minutes.

It is a good practice for technique and skills.