I made this small graphics to remember the goodtimes.

muschaSometimes it is good to create just for the joy of creation. I can become so inspired after seeing works from other people.  Of course this is not the only source of inspiration, but an exhibition can give nice thoughts and I can see good visual solutions.


On the Charles Bridge in Prague.



There is not much to say.

Hope you enjoy.



Portrait of an artist.






The mess in my room.


 Good to tidy up mentally.






Sketch of a sculpture of Kincsem the Horse.






Later on I tried to sew some flip-flops. So did Rodin and other artists. My ones are made of rubish. The material is a sort of plastic used in toys industry.





My room in 2006.





Stepping in.  Marshal arts teach that to step in the territory of the enemy is the most difficult and important phase of a fight. This was my source of inspiration.